Our History- Smiths Concrete & Aggregates

Excellence in a complex industry..

Smiths Concrete Limited started business in 1958 with a single ready-mix plant at Cassington, near Oxford. Over the years, this has grown to embrace seven concrete plants (all QSRMC accredited), one screed plant, two quarries and an inert landfill site.

Firstly, a greenfield site is selected, where sand and gravel is extracted for processing. This is supplied to our various plants for the manufacture of concrete and mortar for delivery to our customers.

The void that has been created is infilled with inert materials (which are carefully monitored) or natural lakes are allowed to form.

Total development is planned well in advance, regulated by local environmental agencies to ensure proper restoration.

Smiths Concrete Offer Our Customers...

  • Assured quality
  • A mutually beneficial partnership
  • A complete technical service
  • Professional & experienced staff
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • A forward-looking policy which aims to protect our environment
About Smiths Concrete